Zidao was established as a communications/publishing house in 2002, initially to cater to the education market. In 2005-2006, Ellen Wallace used her long experience as an international journalist (15 years Time Magazine, 6 years Business Week, CS Monitor, IHT, FT travel, etc.) and Zidao's expertise in the use of web sites for disseminating information, to develop a new line of business: (GL), an online daily news service in English for the Lake Geneva region.

Zidao continues to develop other lines of news and information services and products, in particular in the field of wine. They have strong expertise in Swiss and international wines and in the industry they are considered the main source of information/education about Swiss wine in English.

Zidao has 1 employee, Ellen Wallace, but the company hires 8-20 people for freelance projects every year, depending on the size and complexity of the projects.